Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to dance and party right between the artists and hot models in those glamorous Music Videos?

Wonder no more. VDJ Scorpion takes you to a breathtaking nightlife experience where you can not only hear the music and feel the groove of your favorite songs from the freshest urban tunes (both Oldschool & Newschool) to hot latin vibes & classic open format sounds, but also enjoy today's (as well as tomorrow's and yesterday's) top music videos, all while getting it on in the middle of the dancefloor or having a drink with your friends at the bar instead of having to watch TV at home.

Using a customized state of the art video-dj-software, the 19 year veteran behind the turntables spins music videos, comedy skits, short movie parts & his own video edits like actual songs on vinyl records by mixing, blending & scratching not only the audio part, but also the visual side of the video simultaneously in real-time.

Although VDJ Scorpion's main focus is still always on the audio side of the VDJ set in order to make sure the crowd goes wild, it's the combination of audible and visual presentation that truly transports the emotions of the party crowd alongside a 100% urban music vibe creating a party atmosphere you won't forget.

“Your favorite DJ's favorite Video-DJ” has proven that point for years now playing at renowned nightclubs & events, from all over Europe to the U.S.. As the first official Video-DJ of the global  booking agency “Sanzaru - The Agency” and being part of the first worldwide Video-DJ network “” the sky is the limit.

The revolution WILL be televised ...